Vincenza e Giovanni

A trip to Australia was always a utopic and expensive mirage, a true dream for us. In the end we were able to make this dream come true as our honeymoon thanks to the online honeymoon travel registry offered by Progetto Australia: a concrete way to help us financially and follow our progress live. It was a true 3 weeks adventure! The minimum amount of time to get a glimpse of a country bigger than Europe but with one third of Italy’s population. Our aim was to discover what nature had to offer; we didn’t want to follow a classic touristic route. We wanted to live a true experience! We preferred the Outback (wild desertic country’s interior) to the best-known south-eastern coast. We had an adventure discovering a wild and exotic side of this land. We met many people on our journey from fellow travellers to locals and aborigines, and listened to their adventurous stories, getting to know this country with the eyes of someone living here. We tasted kangaroo meat; felt temperatures and seasons changing; from North tropical heat to Sydney’s winter. We snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef looking for Nemo; slept under the stars in the desert! We experienced Australia’s multiculturalism, different places, customs, accents and, above all, its immense distances. Never I could imagine of drive a distance equal to “Rome – Oslo” in the desert and still be in the same state! The initial 24-25 hrs. long flight – stopover included – was a taste of the extraordinary honeymoon laying ahead of us. We approached it with the casualness of backpackers and curiosity for long distances to travel: 4 domestic flights, 4×4 four-wheel driving, and backpacking under the sun, among rocks and creeks. Australia is beautiful when seen on the road! Trust us! Our holiday can be summarized in 4 sections: Sydney and surroundings – Alice Springs, Kings Canyon, Ayers Rock – Darwin and Top End natural areas – Cairns, Great Barrier Reef, Rainforest and Cape Tribulation. Al of this in only 3 weeks. Crazy? Maybe. Stressing? A little but we lived an extraordinary experience, 100% adrenaline and unforgettable: this is adventure!