Create your own dream holiday starting from your destination or the journey type best for you.


A journey to Australia is all you haver wanted: modern cities surrounded by an incredible nature, the Great Barrier Reef, pristine lush rainforest, unique rocks formations, wonderful beaches, rare and unique animals, the ancient Aboriginal culture. An immense country ready to give you unique emotions.


New Zealand is a wild land dominated by nature with its glacier mountains, quiet fjords, infinite rivers and deserted beaches. Outdoor activities are everything to locals: kayak, walking, snorkeling, rafting and much more. A perfect mix of European and Maori culture to explore every day of your stay.


New Caledonia is our newest discovery, at first curious about this land that we now love. Only 2.5 hours flight from Brisbane and 3 hours flight from Sydney, New Caledonia has so many ecosystems that it will feel like going from Scotland to Hawaii in few seconds. From deserted beaches and reefs to the pacific cowboys in the plains of the western coast; from the ancestral traditions of the Kanakalle culture to 4,300 different species of animals.


Located in the heart of the Southern Pacific, Fiji are made of 333 tropical islands. Famous for its private luxurious islands, all-inclusive resorts and outdoor activities, they are also appreciated for its welcoming people. Fiji’s white sand beaches and uncontaminated crystal ocean waters are the ideal destination for scuba divers, honeymooners, family holidays or simply for someone wanting to relax and get away for a while.


Two words describe Cook Islands perfectly: earthly paradise. White beaches, azure lagoons, crystal waters, volcanic mountains, lush forest with a mild climate. This archipelago of 15 islands takes its name from James Cook, who discover them in 1777. Mass tourism hasn’t arrived here yet, leaving the Cook Islands charm untouched.


High volcanic islands or flat atolls, these islands (118) have divided in five archipelagos: the Society Islands (Bora Bora, Moorea), the Tuamotu Islands (Rangiroa and Tikehau), the Gambier Islands, the Marquesas Islands and the Austral Islands. They all enjoy a constant tropical climate and a perfect fusion between Polynesia and French culture. They call to mind exotic days, paradisiacal places, romantic nights and breathtaking sunsets. This is what you will find.


La Nuova Zelanda è una terra selvaggia, dove la parola d’ordine è natura, tra montagne glaciali, fiordi silenziosi,
fiumi infiniti e spiagge deserte. Le attività all’aria aperta qui sono un must: kayak, passeggiate, snorkelling, rafting e
tante altre che la popolazione neozelandese, un perfetto mix tra cultura europea e maori, si diverte a inventare ogni



Discover the world with the person you loved, seeing it from their eyes. It is an extraordinary opportunity. We will bring romantic details to your honeymoon.


The luxury of a tailor-made holiday only few can have. Trust us, we will meet your needs with itineraries out of the ordinary.


Build unforgettable memories with your family, see the world through the eyes of your little ones while filling your next family album with new colours, fragrances, discovering a new continent, a natural park where everything is child friendly.


Travelling with friends? Having the right friends with similar trip, times and destination ideas brings an extra to your holiday, ensuring a great time, sharing experiences,
smiles and making memories.


A journey is nourishing courage, it is curiosity to go beyond, it is to take new roads. A swim with dolphins or a desert trekking… nothing is like it seems.


To travel with an organised group means to worry about nothing but your holiday. In Italian or English, we have you covered: pack your bag and leave the rest to us!